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If I teach it to a fast Pokemon like seperior can I repeatedly use this to damage and switch damage and switch etc.

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No because dragon tail has a -6 priority meaning it will go last almost always.

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To be accurate, it will only move first if Trick Room is the opponent's move.
Trick Room doesn't affect Dragon Tail. Prankster Copycat and ResTalk is the only way to get it to go first.
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he means because of trick room's -7 priority (I think).
No, not what I meant.
Trick Room affects Speed, not priority.
But comparing -6 and -7 priority, which would go first then?
i was talking about fizzcube dragon tail will go last unless the opponent uses magic room, trick room, or wonder room which have a -7 priority so that way it will go first because dragon tail has -6 priority
Oh, I misread.
Same goes for Wonder and Magic Rooms.
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