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It Has a Hasty Nature, and has the Rock Head Ability. what should I ev train it in and what moveset should I give it? I DO NOT HAVE A STONE EDGE OR ROCK SLIDE TM, SO DONT PUT THOSE IN THE SET!
In Platinum.

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No point in training in Special Defense. It's a bad stat to begin with, and even with 60 extra points added to it, it'll still suck, and is worth investing in Agrron's Strong Points. Plus, with that Hasty nature, your Defense will want some serious TLC.

This would be my recommendation:

/ 252 Defense / 248 Attack / 8 HP /

Aggron won't last long against a potent Special Attack, but he's a tough cookie as a Physical Tank, so don't bother trying to achieve the impossible. =D

EDIT: Ouch, a Hasty nature? - Defense, + Speed, huh? That's not too bad, but it doesn't really help much either. Anyway, teach it the following, for a good moveset:

Iron Head (Reliable STAB)

Metal Burst (Think of it as Counter / Mirror Coat / Bide -esque, but without the worry of prediction)

Thunderpunch / Rollout / Outrage (All three are Move Tutor moves, but Thunderpunch rids of Water-types, Rollout for a murderous STAB, or Outrage for just...complete and utter wrath xD)

Earthquake / Thunder Wave / Avalanche (Earthquake because it's Earthquake, Thunder Wave to compensate for low Speed, or Avalanche to take advantage of low Speed along with an answer to Ground-types)

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Excellent points, I'm not going to answer since this is essentially what I would have said.
How bout, for a moveset: Iron Tail, Earthquake, Outrage, and Thunderpunch(hes still not very fast though.......). Should I Just Get A Different Aron with a different nature?
This is something that you must get for an Aggron with the Rock Head ability, although your current one can't get it. Aggron can learn Head Smash as an Egg move!! Incredible!! (Note, only in HG/SS)
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Special def. 1- Aggron is weak in that stat, and fire, electric and water are harmful and very common, and they're usually special. 2-his defence is already very good, so sp. def. will give even more protection, and your aggron will become a tank. In heartgold I battled a ton of drowzees and hypnos, and even though it took 5 hours, his sp. defence was going up 7+(one time 14) every level and I brought it to about 110. Now, I don't know where there are lots of drowzees in platinum, but other weak psychic types with 1 or more evs in sp. def. will do. - - -MOVESET- Mine knows dig, but that wasnt a good idea on my part, and thats gonna go. -_- It also knows Dragon claw(effective on most types), Avalanche(low speed for double damage, and combined with his type, a good way to obliterate flying types, and KO nasty ground types) and Iron tail(Great STAB). oh, and replace dig with double edge(Does that need explaining...)

K, thx, but, ummmm, what other stat should I train it in?