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I have an aggron in Pokemon Emerald with a Hardy nature and sturdy ability.
I was wondering what EV's I should train it in.
Move set: Iron Tail, Strength, Surf, Protect

Also what item should I give it?

What do you want to do with this Aggron? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Frontier, in-game trainers, or something else?

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I would go with this

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252 Atk / 4 Sp. Df / 252 Spe

Aggron is a monster of a Pokemon. It has an insane defense stat of 180, an Attack stat of 110, and mediocre stats everywhere else. Surf is not the greatest on Aggron, as it doesn't have the greatest Sp.Atk, as well as not getting STAB,but somebody has to have it on the team. Aggron with 252 Atk is a powerhouse, and it needs 252 Speed to get into the fight. 4 Sp.df is just for the extra four.

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