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I don't know why, but, when I play in Pokemon Showdown! without Trick Room and Whirlwind, my opponent's Aggron was faster than my Typhlosion with a Choice Scarf. Please help!

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What moves did you and your foe use?
Do you have a replay?
Is it possible that: Aggron had speed boosted, typhlosion was paralyzed and or had lowered speed, was sticky web active on your side? Aggron has no priority moves btw.
focus punch and roar are the only - priority moves Typhlosion gets.

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I guess Typhlosion used a move with negative priority. Moves with negative priority always move later, regardless of speed. Or, Aggron used a move with higher priority than the move you used. And moves with higher priority always move faster, regardless of speed.

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The asker said that Aggron outspeeds their Typlosion, they don't use Trick Room or Whirlwind. While it is possible that they used a negative priority move, that move was not Whirlwind.
It confused me !
aggron doesn't have + priority moves, unless you count protect/endure