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E.G. Charizard with Shadow Claw.

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So Gen 4 as in DPPt and HG SS?
Ok. so what dictates a strong attack? 70+ power?
when I answer that and priority and Infinite accuracy moves
CG please tell me whether i should use the HG/SS and D/P/PT pokedexes or the national dex because if you don't I'm gonna go with the first choice
National would've been better. And that's what I got. :)

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Note: All these moves are learned at Lv. 1 and have 70+ BP, priority, or perfect hit rate.(All the Pokemon are final evolutions and legendaries)

National Pokedex:

006- Charizard: Air Slash(75 BP)/Shadow Claw(70 BP)/Dragon Claw(80 BP)
009- Blastoise: Flash Cannon(80 BP)
020- Raticate: Quick Attack (Priority)
026- Raichu: Thunderbolt (95 BP)/ Quick Attack(Priority)
038- Ninetales: Quick Attack(Priority)
047- Parasect: Cross Poison(70 BP)
051- Dugtrio: Night Slash (70 BP)
055- Golduck: Aqua Jet (Priority)
062- Poliwrath: Submission (80 BP)
078- Rapidash: Megahorn (120 BP)/ Poison Jab(80 BP)
083- Far Fetched: Poison Jab(80 BP)
085- Dodrio: Quick Attack(Priority)
087- Dewgong: Headbutt(70 BP)/ Signal Beam(75 BP)
103- Exeggutor: Seed Bomb(80 BP)
105- Marowak: Headbutt(70 BP)
119- Seaking: Poison Jab(80 BP)
121- Starmie: Swift(Perfect Hit Rate)
122- Mr. Mime: Magical Leaf(Perfect Hit Rate)
130- Gyarados: Thrash (120 BP)
149- Dragonite: Thunder Punch(75 BP)/ Fire Punch(75 BP)

162- Furret: Quick Attack (Priority)
164- Noctowl: Sky Attack (140 BP)
169- Crobat: Cross Poison (70 BP)
181- Ampharos: Fire Punch(75 BP)
182- Bellossom: Leaf Blade (90 BP)
185- Sudowoodo: Wood Hammer(120 BP)
199- Slowking: Rock Gem(70 BP)
205- Forretress: Self Destruct(200 BP)
212- Scizor: Bullet Punch(Priority)/ Quick Attack(Priority)
214- Heracross: Night Slash(70 BP)
224- Octillery: Gunk Shot(120 BP)
226- Mantine: Signal Beam(70 BP)

254- Sceptile: Night Slash(70 BP)/ Quick Attack (Priority)
257- Blaziken: Fire Punch(75 BP)/ High Jump Kick (130 BP)
264- Linoone: Headbutt(70 BP)
275- Shiftry: Faint Attack(Perfect Hit Rate)
277- Swellow: Quick Attack(Priority)
284- Masquerain: Quick Attack(Priority)
295- Exploud: Uproar(90 BP)
306- Aggron: Headbutt(70 BP)
308- Medicham: Ice Punch(75 BP)/ Thunder Punch(75 BP)/ Fire Punch(75 BP)
330- Flygon: Faint Attack(Perfect Hit Rate)
340- Whishcash: Zen Headbutt(80 BP)
373- Salamence: Headbutt(70 BP)
376- Metagross: Take Down(90 BP)
377- Regirock: Explosion(250 BP)
378- Regice: Explosion(250 BP)
379- Registeel: Explosion(250 BP)

389- Torterra: Wood Hammer(120 BP)
398- Staraptor: Quick Attack(Priority)
407- Roserade: Magical Leaf(Perfect Hit Rate)
419- Floatzel: Crunch(80 BP)/ Quick Attack(Priority)
429- Mismagius: Magical Leaf(Perfect Hit Rate)
442- Spirotomb: Shadow Sneak(Priority)
448- Lucario: Dark Pulse(80 BP)/ Quick Attack(Priority)
460- Abomasnow: Ice Punch(75 BP)
461- Weavile: Quick Attack(Priority)
464- Rhyperior: Poison Jab(80 BP)
466- Electivire: Fire Punch(75 BP)/ Quick Attack(Priority)
467- Magmortar: Thunder Punch(75 BP)
468- Togekiss: Air Slash(75 BP)/ ExtremeSpeed(Priority 80 BP)/ Aura Sphere(Perfect Hit Rate 90 BP)/SkyAttack(140 BP)
469- Yanmega: Quick Attack(Priority)/Night Slash(70 BP)
472- Gliscor: Poison Jab(80 BP)
475- Gallade: Leaf Blade(90 BP)/ Night Slash(70 BP)
476- Probopass: Magnet Bomb(Perefct Hit Rate)
477- Dusknoir: Fire Punch(75 BP)/ Thunder Punch(75 BP)/ Ice Punch(75 BP)
486- Regigigas: Fire Punch(75 BP)/ Thunder Punch(75 BP)/ Ice Punch(75 BP)

BTW this only took me like 4hours. :D

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DC I was gonna answer :P
Well I wanted to. You can too. If you want to spend the long hours doing it. :)
Strong is 65+. You missed Mightyena and Arbok, I already knew them. (Elemental Fangs)
But  awesome effort! You deserve BA for all your hard work. :D
Oh. THe 65 BP+. There are alot of those. Do you want me to get the other 100+ pokemon with those moves?
*sigh* I would love the upvotes