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An Eight ?'s item would be like [this.][1] You get (8 ?'s) from Decamarks.

Bulbapedia says it makes the migrated Pokemon glitched. I wonder if anyone has ever done that...

EDIT: Can I get a test of this to see what could happen for D/P, Pt, and HG/SS? I'm just curious to see what'd happen...

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Probably another question that'll take 'till January to answer...
>The item can only make a Pokémon that is holding it **become glitched** if migrated to Pokémon Diamond or Pearl.

They become glitched. It says it in your link.
Duh. I was aware of that. I even wrote it up there. I'd like a description OF the glitch.
Glitching can be anything theres no way to tell how they will glitch. They could disappear or they just change into a different pokemon who knows
Anyone who tests will know
Im saying theres no definite glitch that would happen
in a cheated platnum game, you can enconter a pokemon called dddddddddddddddddddd. it looks like a shadow. any help? (cheat codes: walk through walls + ? i dont know what the other one is)
a glitch could be like messing up the sprite
Could be....
So,this pokemon is ...a bulbasaur !wow!
Don't think anyone would test, due to the potential of ruining their game.
Thanks for bringing this back up Trachy.
i heard that you can send out a decamarks via the pomeg glitch on bulbapedia
just letting you know there is at least one way to get decamarks.

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