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Is there any way to get the Pokemon not to like each other in the Daycare?

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I mean some Pokemon like each other in the Daycare and then they cant breed. So is there any way to reverse this and get them to breed?

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Your question doesn't make sense.

some Pokemon like each other in the Daycare and then they cant breed

This is just wrong. Pokemon that like each other will breed. In fact, if they like each other they breed faster.

If the man says "They prefer to play with other Pokemon more than each other" then they won't breed. If he says anything else, they will breed.

So you don't need to do anything other than have two compatible Pokemon.

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No,sorry,they will not breed unless you trade for another Pokemon.

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Ok, I'm not sure I understand this Q, but I'll try to answer as well as I can. When some Pokemon like each other in the daycare, they would normally breed.
> If there is 0% chance to get an egg, no. If they can't breed, then it's impossible to reverse this.

For instance if they don't follow these Criteria:

  • Different Egg groups
  • Same genders
  • Undiscovered group
    Hope this helped!
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