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-I am trying to breed my Golett and Ditto, but it seems they don't like each other since I almost ran out of money from trying to get an Adamant - Iron Fist Golett. Please help me. ;2;

I think that the egg generating is step-based
If you use Ditto then they will always breed unless they are in the undiscovered egg group. You shouldn't be running out of money because you don't have to take the two out of the daycare until you get a Golett from an egg that has what you need
Well thx for the answers guys, since I couldn't breed them since they hate each other just went back in the dragonspiral tower and caught a Golett with and Adamant Nature and Iron Fist, but yeah finished my Pokemon Black Playthrough but I am now just playing Black 2 since I finished everything in post game except the Pokedex in Black, but yea I suck. ;2;

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If it simply says they don’t like each other much they’ll still breed. You can’t change their compatibility as far as I’m aware of, but it shouldn’t prevent them from breeding. The only Pokemon who won’t breed are Pokemon of different egg groups and from the Undiscovered egg group, but since you’re using Ditto and Golett, it should be able to work.

Oh, and for how long it will take, I found another db answer for that.

If they are from the same original trainer, the day care man will say, "The two don't seem to like each other that much." (or something similar)
This means that every 256 steps you take, theres a 20% chance of getting an egg


This also states a piece of information I forgot to add about why you can’t change the compatibility of the Pokemon: it’s judged by both Pokemon being from the same original trainer or not.

Oh and another little detail: in BW2 they introduced the Oval Charm to increase the chance of getting an egg, but since the question is tagged “black” I’m guessing you don’t have access to it.

Hope this helps and good luck <3

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That doesn't answer the question though.  They know that they can breed, but they want the Pokémon to like each other so they can get eggs faster.
huh ok does it even affect it though

nvm it does ill add it in