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So here is the question: Can eggs in Gen V get Pokerus?
I ask this because the other day I was hatching eggs and my Volcarona had pokerus and it infected on of the eggs. Is this legal or a glitch?
Thanks :D

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Thanks both of you. I was afraid my game was glitched. thakns. +1 for each of ya

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Yep. it's possible...

Pokérus has a 3 in 65,536 chance of being generated on a Pokémon, either wild or bred.

Also, when you fight and an egg is near an infested Pokemon, they have the ability to gain PKRS as a hatched Pokemon would.

Source: Bulbapedia + Experience

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I remember I got pokerus legally in my soulsilver walkthrough. No hacks or cheats
OK. cause my pokemon with flame body had it and I do remeber having one battle. thanks.
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Pokerus is passed when the infected Pokemon participates in a battle. my guess is that had just battled and the pokerus was caught right after the egg hatched... I'm not 100% on the delay between but I have had some odd things happen with Pokerus and the actual time of "infection".

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