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I just wanna know if its an overall good pokemon. (i would also like a moveset too)


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No way man. If there's ANY Fire-type you wanna stay away from, it's Magcargo.

It's slow, it's got two x4 weaknesses, and even though it has access to Recover, it's still utter crap.

If you wanna use him though, then my best moveset would be basically what JDOG said, but make the last move either Light Screen or Recover. This wimpy fighter's gonna need it...

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There mainly a staller and have a good special attack, special defence and defence.
Earth Power
Stone edge-Stab
Maybe Solarbeam becauce he has good defence to stall for a move. Last one is up to you

Thx guys because I got pwned by a macargo today in wi-fi and I was like O_O
I knew I was dead as soon as that macargo moved before my weavile. O_O
You must have one slow Weavile.
My weavile's speed was 354. obtained in a trade
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Pros: Some nice resistances and defences. Able to use Stealth Rock fairly well.

Cons: Low Speed and weaknesses to some of the most common attack types.

If you want a non-legendary Fire type, use: Charizard or Typhlosion.

If you want a non-legendary Rock type, use: Aerodactyl or Tyranitar.

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The only thing I ever use him for is his ability, so I can hatch eggs quicker. Otherwise he stinks.

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the only thing worse is nothing.