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Can anyone please help me to choose between Delphox and Chandelure, based on which is better? Also, what is the best nature, item, and, most importantly, moveset for the best one?

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Well there is no specific game. It's just overall moves.
Wait, s this a for competitve battling?
In a way. Well, I mean the best move set which is best for you at any situation .
I just realized that, if you're playing Y, then mega Charizard Y is better than both. Why are you not using Charizard?
hid my answer since there's already a best answer, and my answer is too opinionated.

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I am guessing you are talking about XY for the in game team in which Delpox is better since you get it at the beginning of the game and it helps with the first, third(psychic moves), fourth, and eight gym. And against 1 elite 4 memeber.
Here are the movesets for delphox and chandlure.

Also as sumwun pointed out there a lot of fire weak Pokemon in early game, XY(at leaast I think you r playing XY...
You never really said...)

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