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I am using murkrow as a tailwinder, I need some Pokemon for a triple battle team.


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I somewhat disagree with SpumWack.

Tailwind teams are there to make these happen:

  • What SpumWack said: To get into a higher Speed tier, allowing efficient sweeping.
  • But also, slower, and powerful sweepers can shine, being outclassed without some sort of Speed boosting.

Many different Pokemon can shine in Tailwind teams. Kyurem-B has this monstrous Attack stat, but it is held back with only a base 95 Speed, letting Dragons in a higher Speed tier shine, like Salamence and [email protected] But Tailwind allows Kyurem-B to spam det Choice Banded Adamant 252 Atk EV'ed Outrage :P
Another example is my buddy Dragonite. Base 87 speed is pretty bad for such a powerful Pokemon, and it usually needs Dragon Dance to sweep. But Tailwind allows it to go full out sweeping, as Dragonite reaches 500+ Speed with Tailwind. Outrage / Fire Punch / Earthquake hit unresisted in the tier.
Mamoswine is another example. It is extremely powerful, as it nails many dragons in OU. But its Speed is low when faced with threats like Infernape. With Tailwind, Mamoswine can shine, barring some random Mach Punches. It can now Earthquake stuff instead of switching to a teammate to sponge the hit. Stone Edge. Superpower. It can now recede from fear :P

Other candidates:

  • Haxorus
  • Heatran
  • Landorus-T

Comment if you want a specific type of Pokemon.

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Yes I do, but I'm also confused because I thought tailwind raised up speed by 1 stage.
Thank you. :)
It doubles Speed.
Really?!? :O
Serebii lied to me! D:
Thank you again.:)
doubles it...by stages or by stat points?
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Any fast Pokemon that sweeps but is threaten out of the playing field by other fast Pokemon you are not sure you can outspeed.

For Example, Zekrom can destroys team; but if a Rayquaza comes in you arnt positive you can outspeed and take it out therefore you switch giving them a free turn to do whatever. With Tailwind you are almost guaranteeing to outspeed and you feel more confident and you sweep whole teams.