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- Trapinch, Diglett and Dugtrio (Arena Trap)
- Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle, Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure (unreleased),Wynut and Wobbufett (Shadow Tag)

- Bind
- Block
- Clamp
- Fire Spin
- Magma Storm
- Mean Look
- Sand Tomb
- Spider Web
- Whirlpool
- Wrap

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Yes, there is actually. Here is what I do.

First fly to Ecruteak. If Raikou is on the left or right of the town when you exit the town towards those routes they wont switch. So thats a good tip to start off with.

Now to the part where they don't run away. Get a Pokemon that has Arena Trap as their ability such as Diglett. or you can get Haunter or Jinx or someone who has Mean Look. Mean Look makes it so they can't escape. Entei was easy but I had to use my Haunter to get Raikou and took me 4 days. Good luck and hope this helped.

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The best Pokemon to use at first are thoes with abilities that don't allow the legendaries to escape. If you don't have a Pokemon like that, then use Pokemon with attacks like block to keep the legendary in battle. A move you should use after is sleep powder or hypnosis to keep your enemy from attacking or healing.

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Absol can be bred to have mean look, to stop the Pokemon from escaping. Then teach it taunt, so that the Pokemon can't use roar.

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