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You see I've got a Zoroark, a dark type, and a Beartic,who's an ice type, but I don't want them to take all my party space (becuase I've got other cool Pokemon!). So I'm wandering if I should get Weavile,who's types are Dark and Ice - So my question is should I get a Weavile or just keep Beartic and Zoroark? Thanks in advance!

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weavile has terrible defenses and its typing doesn't do it any favors. but 125 base atk and priority STAB Ice Move on Ice Shard make it the #1 check to x4 Ice Weak Dragon types which are omnipresent in the UU and OU metagame. it also traps Gengar Alakazam Chandelure and Reuniclus with Pursuit.

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Thanks guys!
But Weavile has 85 SDef. That's good defense.
and a x4 fighting weakness when fighting is a dominant type in UU and OU....
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Weavile is Fast and Powerful, so it can hold its on in a battle in terms of attacking. But its really frail so it cant take a lot of hits. I would suggest you switch them its always nice to keep space in your party for more versatile attacking and making your team really hard to deal with.

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Weavile is a great Pokémon as something to use purely for picking up injured opponents or sweeping, it lacks powerful moves but still has a powerful attack stat. Pursuit and Ice shard are great for catching switch outs and finishing scarfed Pokémon. For main offensive damage it is hindered by its move set but can use Ice Punch/Ice Crash and Throat Chop to do damage. Being extremely frail and having an awful defensive typing you are never going to want to switch into it.

For items it works well with Choice Band, Life Orb and Focus Sash.

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