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What (base) move power is the strongest for scyther with techinician?

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I meant move power

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If you mean power before Technician activates, then the base power is 60. You get the maximum power from your Attacks. Aerial Ace and Bug Bite are better then Wing Attack and Fury Cutter as they have the higher 60 base power, upgrading to a power of 90.

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wing attack also has 60 base power
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Please clarify what you mean in your question in future. There are too many definitions of 'power' in Pokemon, so we cannot know for sure.
To answer your question, 60 is the number you'd want for the highest effectiveness.

Technician works with moves that have up to 60 Base Power. So ideally this would be the Base Power you want for a move, if you want the highest power. This means moves like Aerial Ace and Bug Bite will have 90 base power instead of the lowly 60. Technician still works otherwise, so long as the move's Base Power is 60 or less.

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The highest base power you can get is 90.