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well ,i always spent hours of searching for Pokemon with the appropriate nature...e.g ,an adamant nature salamance or something.But is the nature that really matters to a Pokemon or
the IVs and EVs or all together...since now I'm trying all of them to be perfect to Pokemon ,because these make them really strong and special!

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Umm,yeah,It is true.If you really want your Pokemon to excell in one particular stat,it is important for it to have the right nature.For example,if you want to have a Pokemon which has high attack stat,(Take dragonite as example),you need to have Adament as its nature.That is the appropriate nature for dragonite which gives a boost in its attack stat and it will be a monster.

For more details,look here.

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Natures make a difference but there are other factors, too. Namely IVs and EVs. At level 100, here is how much difference they make to the stats:

  • EVs = up to 63 points in a stat
  • IVs = up to 32 points in a stat
  • Natures = 10% of the final stat, anywhere around 20-35 points

Note this means that the difference between having a positive nature for a stat and a negative one can be as much as 70 points. So yes natures can make a big difference.