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And please don't answer "GameFreak wanted it that way".


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The idea was to avoid conflicting route names with earlier games. Johto and Kanto were right next to each other so Gold/Silver just continued the route numbers where R/B/Y left off at #29.

Hoenn did not join on to Kanto/Johto so they started the routes from scratch, but instead of starting from 1 they used 101, 102, etc. So 115 is basically route 15 in Hoenn. The same is true for Sinnoh, they just started from 201.

It makes it easier to specify a route - if you say "Route 1" you need to specify "Route 1 in Sinnoh" or "Route 1 in Hoenn" etc. I guess you can think of it like a zipcode, where 1 at the front means Hoenn, 2 means Sinnoh, and 0 (as in 001 or 029) means Kanto/Johto.

However, the idea in Black/White was that Unova is very far away from the other areas (because it's based on America instead of Japan) and it was sort of a "reboot" of the franchise, so they decided to start from 1 again.

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  1. Kanto and Johto are connected. Kanto started with Route # 1 and Johto was connected so it started with Route #29
  2. Hoenn wasn`t connected,but instead of starting with Route # 1 they started with Route # 101.
  3. Sinnoh wasn`t connected to Hoenn,so they started with Route # 201.
    4.Unova was based on America not Japan,so they started with Route # 1 again.
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Well, I can assure you that GameFreak wanted it that way.
Although, if you think about it, having loads of Route 1 in the Pokemon World would be confusing. That's why Hoenn started at Route 101, not Route 1. And Johto? Why did it start with 29, not 101? Remember that Kanto was in the Gen II games as well. Although Black and White start with Route 1, I can theorize that the creators wanted to start afresh.