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Well, I'm gonna try to make this more than a GameFreak made it that way Answer.

Notice how Arceus is considered the Pokemon that Created the Sinnoh Region. Well, if that were the case, then he, or some other Pokemon that he created, must have created the other regions. Or, it could be due to the fact that since he is the creator-pokemon, he should have something made in his honor.

Also, here is a Map or the region:
enter image description here

Notice how all the regions look very similar when compared to their original games. This could have been a plan that GameFreak has had for a long time.

Or simply, this could be the specific map the GameFreak has made for the world of Pokemon.

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what is Orre and Fiore ?
From what i remember, Orre is the region from Pokemon Colloseum and Pokemon XD: Gales of Darkness
does that mean that GameFreak is gonna stop making new regions which would lead to no more pokemon games?
probably :(
we don't know... they did announce a message that they will change the world of pokemon...
all we can do is wait and see
what did they mean by change the world of pokemon?
don't know... they didn't realease any info...
we have til the 8th to have a sure answer...
8th? what?
the 8th of January... that's all GameFreak told us...
Basically a Japanese trailer said that they were going to give us some 'big news' on Jan 8. Also, on Jan 6, one of the Game Freak staff is going to be interviewed, which usually follows up to be a new game or something, so we can probably expect something big from it :)
The pokedex says that arceus created the universe not just the Sinnoh region
Arceus is not like invincible yet u find that he is creator of universe.... My charizard can make short of him haha
Level hundred rock arceus vs level hundred charizard.
Yeh sure, focus punch on rock arceus
Focus punch has to charge and rock arceus is faster and has higher stats in everything. Your charizard doesn't have a chance
Yeah however, its not like charizard only fighting move is focus punch... I can let it hold a quick claw and attack with brick break....
And then arceus will beat you more than 4/5 of the time, plus he has higher speed and can outspeed you brick break
yeah.but it will outspeed charizard with stone edge anyway.