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nuff said.

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There's the Lake of Rage in Johto, since you have the Red Gyarados.

Other than that, Shiny hunting is mainly luck based. You can use the Masuda Method to get shinies, but even then it's still very unlikely. If you want a shiny rare pokmeon, you might consider saving and resetting until you luck out and get them. The Pokeradar method is also of use, but again, there's no specific location that gives you a better chance of getting a shiny Pokemon.

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Well, not places exactly, but there are ways.

  • If you use the Masuda Method (Breeding two Pokemon from different countries) you have a increased chance of 1/1366 chance instead of 1/8192.

  • If you have it, you can use the Poke Radar to make chains and come to the end with a shiny Pokemon, if you do it right.

To answer your question excatly, no. There is no place where it is easier to get shiny Pokemon. Of course, the white Tree Hollow or Lake of Rage have a Pokemon programmed as shiny so that doesn't count.

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so how in the world do i get a japan pokemon????
Trade online. I believe in Heart Gold/Soul Silver, you can get a French Pikachu from Lt. Surge.
yup, and use GTS.
The pokeradar idea worked! But the pokemon was a bidoof
There's also the Nature preserve (accessible after completing the Unova poked ex in b/w 2. There you get a shiny haxorus
What is the white tree hollow?