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I need more pokemon to cover grass and flying I can make him know.

ice punch(STAB)

night slash(STAB)

dig(covers fire, rock, and steel)

aeriel ace(covers fighting, and bug)

he has an adamant nature and is quick to flee

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To get this I just used tms and I breeded until I got the right nature luckily it only three tries

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How the hell'd you get such a perfect Weavile? .___.

Definitely train it! EV Train it in Attack and Speed, and with that high Speed IV and Adamant nature, you'll be ripping holes in teams before your opponent can even blink.

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If you need a pokemon to deal with grass and Flying types, you can just put Ice beam on a pokemon with good special attack. That's not to say weavile is a bad pokemon. Weavile has the power to take down just about anything, given the right scenario.

If this is for in game play, then dig is fine, but it won't work well in competitive battling. You could use one of these moves:

swords dance-destroys anything in his way with this power.

Brick break-Steel and rock types will fall to this, as well as dual screeners.

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Yes, Weavile Is An Amazing Pokemon. With Its Speed, and Power, Plus I Can Give You Some Very Surprising Weavile Movesets. Also, Nice Job:) It Must Have Taken A Long Time Finding This "Perfect Weavile":)

Brick Break(Great Coverage, and Acc) OR Ice Punch

Double Team(To Set Up Swords Dance) Also Hold A Focus Sash for More Protection of Seting Up Swords Dance.

Swords Dance(Basically Murder)

Night Slash/Brick Break/Ice Punch(STAB, Coverage, Whatever you want:)

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I would train Weavile, seeing how it is one of the best of both Dark types and Ice types. You do need to improve on the moves though, but I will get to that later. First, the pros and cons of Weavile:

Pros: Incredible attack and Speed stats, combined with good type coverage. Even if the foe has higher Speed, Weavile has some tricks up his sleave to move first.

Cons: OHKO is always a very likely possibility when the foe hits Weavile. Get a Focus Sash.

Moveset: Ice Shard, Pusuit, Brick Break, Swords Dance.

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Tyranitar is the best dark type then darkrai then weavile
ONE of the best is what I said.