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When I try to get to Merspirt and I get close it always flies away somewhere else. What do I do?

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Have you ever used a Poketch App #13 to find it's location?

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Looks like a job for....REPEL METHOD!! Go to a route with a bunch of weak pokemon, make sure it is an area close to the next route. use a repel and run around 15-20 steps with a pokemon at level 49 leading your party. after a few steps, go to the next route, come back and repeat. This repels everything except any roaming legendary over level 49. After about 15-20 minutes, it should hopefully appear. It takes time, but it's faster than blindly walking through routes hoping it will appear. Make sure your lead pokemon knows something to trap it like mean look.

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You have to predict its movements, or trap it in a place where it will have to backtrack towards you. It can get tedious though, sometimes taking almost an hour in between encounters...

I always found it harder to track it. Instead, I'd just do my own thing, and Mesprit would eventually become found in some way. Just let Mesprit come to you, if you want a personal opinion. =]

How do I just let it cometo me wait??
Just dick around and do whatever you want. Eventually, you two will just meet in the grass. Of course, this in conjunction with DT`s Repel Method is the best way. =P