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I've been chasing Mesprit for about an hour now so if someone could please tell me if he is worth going after please so I might stop chasing him if hes not. Also Mesprit is a lake sprit if you didn't know.

Is this a roaming legendary?
Pretty sure it is

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It would really depend on your intentions of catching it. Like for Pokedex. Or you could make valuable trades. I also have seen someone try a trick. First you go to Jubilife City, and then keep leaving through the top route, and then coming back in. Only come back into Jubilife if mesprit isn't there. Do not fly. Use fly as a last resort. Fly only to Jubilife then keep exiting and re entering Jubilife. Make sure you have access to thunder wave and mean look. Try using quick balls too. It isn't that bad to use in battles either.
Stock up on other poke balls. Hope you catch it!

Source for trick: Some YouTube video I've seen but can't find.

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Mesprit has levitate, which is decent. It's stats are very balanced, almost too balanced, so that's kinda decent. It's move pool is pretty large, which is always good. There are a lot of Pokemon that can do it's job better, so I would say it isn't that worth it unless you need it for some doubles strategy.

By the way, and I know you didn't ask this but the place you find azelf, uxie and mesprit is a little island to the right of sootopolis when using the eon flute. On the island is a cave, and in the cave is a portal.

Hope I've helped :D

It's always when I'm typing my answer when someone else answers... lol xD
Its tagged diamond so im guessing this isnt ORAS?
Me too
I was thinking that too
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If you're talking about the roaming Mesprit in D/P/Pl, then no it is not worth chasing.

If you have Black 2, White 2, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire, you can catch Mesprit without having to chase it down.

However, if you don't own these games and you're looking to work on your Pokedex, then yes it is worth catching since you need it in the Pokedex to complete it. Though if it's easier, you could get a nearby friend to trade one to you if you need to.

Hope I helped!

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Well mespirit is a good well rounded psychic type in diamond, though he is outclassed by alakazam but I think you should still go for it, here ae some tips
1. Use trapping moves and abilities
2. Throw a quick ball right off the bat if you have an ability that traps
3. Hunt it at night and use dusk balls if you have a trap move
and here's a moveset for diamond
Choice Scarf
- Psychic
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
- U-turn
Source: experience and smogon