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I just saw the trailer and at the end it shows some weird legendary (or that's at least what I think) that looks like the offspring of a Stantler except with longer and more horns and flies. I want to know the name of it since my dream of the water type for a 3D game has been ruined.

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Nintendo nor GAMEFREAK has revealed anything except the first evolution for the starters and some gameplay mechanics. You have to be patient until further news comes out.
Remember when we knew what zekrom and reshiram were but we didn't know the names...

UPDATE: the names have now been revealed as Xerneas (the deer-like one) and Yveltal (the bird-like one).

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the names are xerneas and yveltal .nobody knows the region.

link http://www.serebii.net/xy/pokemon.shtml

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Xerneas And Yveatel. Yveatel is the black and red one and Xerneas is the other. Source: Main news page

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