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Or is it 3DS only?

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No you will not, they are 3DS only. There are no games as far as I know that are not 3DS that can support the 3D function of the 3DS and Pokemon X and Y has 3d Functionality.

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unfortunately this is indeed true
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Nope, they want to evolve.
Don't forget that there is a lot more to the 3DS than just 3D. It's a much more powerful console. X&Y wouldn't be able to run on the DS.
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U FREAKING KIDDING MEEE?! This is ridiculous in all ways!!! WHY???!!!! In the future all Poke games might be on 3DS now... This sucks.
alllll nintendo wants from us is MONEY! and 3ds are MONEY
Nope, 3DS brings 3D, and it's much more powerful than the normal DS's. Stop complaining, dammit.
Would you rather they just continued making games for the Game Boy? Not even the Game Boy Color, but the Game Boy.
So what do I choose wiiU or 3ds for Pokemon x and y?
Dang, I need to get a 3DS.
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