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I wanted a Metang, and so did my brother. BUT! When I tried, I saw the Metang totally bust my collection of balls. But why? It is not legendary---DESPITE THAT CATCH RATE.

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It has a very low catch rate at three. This is lower than many legendaries and all non legendaries with a chance of .4% of a chance to catch it at full health with a pokeball. Its just how gamefreak wanted it but the probable reason is that it evolves into a psuedo legendary so gamefreak wanted to make it a challenge to get metagross who is very good because of its psuedo legendary status(although the other psuedo legendaries dont have this catch rate).

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Oh. Good point, although I don't know about psuedo legendaries. Thanks.
psudeo legendaries are like half legendaries
the ones that i cn think of right now are: dragonite, salamance, garchomp, metagross, hydreigon
dont know if i missed any
(1)psuedo legendaries have a base stat of at least 600. (2) they have a dual typing. (3) they have attack or special attack as highest stat.