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Bunston :3

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From what I have acquired from the internet...

  • Wigglytuff,
  • Azumarill
  • Buneary
  • Lopunny

(will edit, if more are found)

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How are the first two rabbit based?
azumarill is a water rabbit in the pokedex victini...
According to Bulbapedia, Wigglytuff is a Singing Rabbit pokemon
Azumarill, is the Aqua Rabbit pokemon (or maybe Water Rabbit pokemon, i can't remember which)
what about the abra line?
or at least abra xD
Abra? a bunny?
LOL, Bulba said nothing about that...
Abra is more a fox
the two Nidoran genders are to be added to the list, they are bunnies too. they are the poison pin pkmn, but they *look* like bunnies more than any other Pokemon, they trump buneary in their bunny-ness appearance. especially Nidoran male...
...What crazy vision you have, I see no bunny resemblance.