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I know this question is nooby, but I just want to know what UU and tcg mean.

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UU stands for under used. Its a tier. A tier is this category of Pokemon. Like OU is full of good Pokemon because they are over used, which is what OU stands for. This will help you just click any tier in the search bar and it will give you an analysis.

TCG stands for Training Card Game. It's just like using Pokemon cards you can buy online or at the store and you battle with them. Look here for more info.

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UU: A tier called UnderUsed used to group Pokemon so we don't have Arceus rampaging in every battle.
TCG: Trading Card Game.

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UU- A tier in competitive Pokemon, Underused , used to determine whats allow and whats not allowed in that tier and below.

TCG-Trading Card Game, where you collect the cards usually sold in stores like Walmart, etc. and can be used to battle other people and trade cards with them.

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