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I took my keldeo to the moor or icuris with vizerion terriken and cabolion and talked to old man.He just was amassed That I had a keldeo.Nothing happened.What is wrong?It says I can teach keldeo secret sword by taking it and vizerion terriken and cabolion and talked to the old man.What is wrong?


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keldeo will only learn secret sword if your at pledge grove behind Alder's house. The house is located at the far north of Floccessy town. At the end of pledge grove is a boulder with three markings that keldeo will react to it and learn secret sword.

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God, this has been asked so many times. It's because unless it's the GameStop exclusive Keldeo, it can't learn Secret Sword.

it says it can hear.http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/ingameevent.shtml#keldeo .look in the middle of the page.
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