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Have the ability sturdy, learns endeavor and a first hitting move at a early level.
If the conditions are fulfilled then the following strategy can be accomplished:-
1)send the Pokemon with the forementioned powers
2) use the move endevor( since the Pokemon which I am using is of early level therefore will attack later and would also have less hp, but it has the ability sturdy, therefore it will be at hp 1 and then endevor would cause the Pokemon to also reach at hp1)
3) now use the first hitting move, this would cause the Pokemon to faint!!!
Will this strategy work and is there any such Pokemons who fulfills the conditions?
I know this won't work against ghost type.

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Ever heard of FEAR (focus sash, endeavor, quick attack, rattata)
LOL it's Sturdy, not Hardy.

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These are known as F.E.A.R.
i am gonna give you a link to an Answer that the user Gligurr composed. Check dis out and learn what fear is.
Also, main examples of this are:
(mostly any Normal- type Pokemon)
Basically, Ghost pokes will screw you over. Also, any Fake out or Priority will mess you up.

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