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  • Balanced stats (especially HP and Speed)
  • Baton Pass
  • Not fully evolved
  • Resists Dragon and Fairy attacks
  • Can have access to Dragon Dance
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There are none.

Only Steel Pokemon resist both Fairy type and Dragon type moves (There are no type combinations like Fire-Fairy which can do it otherwise).
Unfortunately, no Steel Type Pokemon has access to Dragon Dance.

How about Swords Dance you ask?
There are a few in that case.
Honedge and Doublade are the ones which fulfill the unevolved, learning Swords Dance and resisting both Dragon and Fairy categories.
However, both have next to no speed, so are unbalanced in stats. Neither get Baton Pass.

TL:DR. There are still none.

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And Swords Dance?
Durant, Scizor and Mawile are the only Steel types that learn Baton Pass at all. Neither of these learn Dragon Dance, likewise they are all fully evolved.
All in all, no Pokemon can fulfil all of your requirement.
That's sad.. thanks!
this is why people like me who dream hack pokemon out.     :-)