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What is a powerful Pokemon to use in AG? (Specify EVs, Natures, items, and abilities). I also already have Necrozoma-dusk-main, Groudon-Primal, Xerneas, Rayqyaza-Mega, and Yveltal in my team so listing those aren't allowed. I have a mega and a Z-Crystal. I am NOT interested in using any OU Pokemon, or Arceus, Marshadow, and Zygarde. What Pokemon should I use? I'm looking for something tanky in both def, Sp. Def, and HP. But something that can also hit hard (It is allowed to be ONLY Physical Atk or ONLY Special Atk). It also can't have any 4x weaknesses.

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How about Lugia? 106 HP, 130 Def, and 154 SpD with Multiscale makes it a pain to kill, and while 90/90 attack stats aren't phenominal, they can do something.
If you're looking for something more offensive, I would suggest looking into Aegislash, even though it doesn't have the best HP.
I'm not familiar with the metagame of AG, so I can't tell you from experience whether or not these Pokémon would excel, but I just thought I'd give some suggestions anyway.
This is Anything Goes. You can use two of the same Pokemon if you want.

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Lucia @Leftovers
Ability: Multiscale
Evs: 252SpA 128Def 128SpDef
Nature: Modest/Impish
Calm Mind

Wouldn't 252 HP be better than then split defenses?
Roost over Recover for that nice Flying Type removal
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[email protected] Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP/128 Def/128 Sp. Def
Nature: Adamant
-Knock off
-Spikes/Stealth Rock
-Low Kick/Toxic
[email protected] Leftovers
Nature: Timid
Ability: Pressure
EVs:252 SP.Att/128 Def/128 SP.Def
-Dragon Pulse
-Calm Mind

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I know Pressure sucks on AG .
Pressure is great for PP-Stalling as it will get their PP down quicker.
It does nothing on endless battle clause.