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What is she doing. Is there an event that takes place in BW or BW2 that involves here?

Just to confirm. She is only in BW2.

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Secret singing area
In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, there is a secret room under the bridge where a girl is singing; upon finding her, she forces the player outside. There is a girl who will reward the player for finding the source of mysterious voice.

Bulbapedia entry on the Village Bridge

I assume this is the girl you're talking about? I haven't been to the Village Bridge in a while.

Oh I've found her, she's on the bridge (not in any of the rooms), and is right near the edge just before the houses (if you're going in the direction towards route 11/ Opelucid City).

Marriland's video; get to about 20:40 mins, that's the girl he's talking to.

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Where is the girl who gives you the reward?
secret room ?
I'm not too sure about that; I only managed to find the singing girl myself and got turfed out (as you do). I've been trying to look for the girl who gives the reward, but all I've found is that she exists, and I don't know her location. Perhaps Marriland's guide to the Village Bridge would oblige, I'll check.
Where is the reward!? The girl is impossible to.find
Did you click the link to Marriland's video? Go to the video and fast forward until around 20:40, the girl he's talking to is the one who gives the reward for finding the singing girl.
dudes.the reward girl is in one of the houses on the bridge.
i found her in one of the houses, you should too
If you go left from the middle of the bridge she will be there