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If they use an item to evolve can you tell me the pokemon and the item.

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Trade (no item)
Machoke -> Machamp
Abrakadabra ->Alakazam
Haunter -> Gengar
Graveler -> Golem

Trade (items)
Poliwhirl -> Politoad (King's Rock)
Slowpoke -> Slowking (King's Rock)
Onix -> Steelix (Metal Coat)
Scyther -> Scizor (Metal Coat)
Seadra -> Kingdra (Dragon Scale)
Porygon ->Porygon2 (Up-Grade)
Porygon2 -> Porygon-Z (Dubious Disc)
Clamperl -> Gorebyss (DeepSeaScale)
Clamperl -> Huntail (DeepSeaTooth)
Dusclops -> Dusknoir (Reaper Cloth)
Electabuzz -> Electivire (Electrizer)
Magmar -> Magmortar (Magmarizer)
Rhydon -> Rhyperior (Protector)

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