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I have my master ball I got from beating colress but what Pokemon should I save it to catch?


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There are no roaming Pokemon in B2/W2 so I suggest to just use it on either kyurem, cobalion, virizion, terrakion, cresselia, regigigas, heatran, mesprit, uxie, azelf, latios, latias, registeel, regice, regirock because these Pokemon have the lowest catch rate (3) meaning they are hardest to catch. But you could also save it for a shiny to make sure you catch it in case if its an abra that uses teleport or something else like that.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_catch_rate

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I would suggest using it on Regigigas. I found him hardest to catch.
They are all equally hard but you may have just been unluckiest for regigigas.
dont forget Heatran, i already caught him/it/her
im using it on heatrean
heatran was EASY.
Yup caught heatran with a Great ball :). I'd use it on Kyruem or Regigigas, as Kijani said
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Well there are no roaming legendary Pokemon, so save it for just in case you run into a shiny Pokemon :P