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Quite simply, Is it possible to get a Vaporeon with the Hydration Ability and Wish?
I know that you need to chain breed wish, and I know Hydration is Vaporeon's Hidden Ability, so is it possible to breed them both? Here's my reasoning:

Hidden abilies have a 60% chance to be passed down from the mother, and Egg Moves need to be passed down via the father SO, could I get a Female Vaporeon or any other Eeveeloution with It's hidden ability and a Male Pikachu with Wish (Passed down from Togetic to Pikachu) and then breed them both, wouldn't the result be an Eevee with it's hidden ability and Wish in it's moveset? or at least it'd be a 60% chance of the hidden ability anyway...

So yeah. Am I right? or just Stupid?

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Also, Wish will be passed down for sure; the 60% hidden ability inheritance is what you need possibly soft reset for.

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Yes it will have a 60% chance.

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