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I have a deoxys which I recieved from gts.
It was of level 30
And knows:- knock off, pursuit,psychic,swift.
And about the info it is written
Sassy nature
Apparently arrived at Lv. 30
Aster a long travel through time.
Fateful encounter.
Impetuous and silly

Is it a hacked one???

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Can you put in its stats

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Well, you can't be so sure, now that hacking is VERY advanced these days...
but anyways, a good indicator is that Deoxys knows the moves it should at that level. Also, when you see the words "Fateful Encounter", 85% of the time, it's a legit Pokemon. Also, if you had to trade something rare for it, that's also another notable factor it is not hacked. But as I said, you can't be 100% sure, sadly...

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Hackers Unite!
Means there is always a probability that there is a hacked pokemon infesting the game, which is unavoidable?
Faithful Encounter is hackable.
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It is like this because there is a program called PokeGen you can get it from ProjectPokemon.
You can choose a Pokemon and customize its stats EV's and IV's The person you got it from must had used pokegts.us you have to edit your DS wi fi DNS and open the page of a Pokemon you want on POKEGTS and go to the GTS in and you can it. AND yeah those Pokemon are HACKED Pokemon unless you wanna make it legal so your Deoxys is a PokeGen Pokemon.

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That's not at all what he's asking..