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I have a modest Deoxys, and while I would prefer for it to have a rash or mild nature for mixed attacking, I already have a naive Deoxys that suits the role, so I'm looking to use this one as an all-out special attacker. Here are its stats and moves:

Form: attack
Nature: modest
Item: focus sash
EVs: 252 spA / 252 speed / 6 hp
Psycho boost (for massive stab damage)
Psyshock (to take care of special walls such as kyogre and blissey)
Ice beam

I feel pretty good about this set, but having two psychic type moves seems to be a little redundant. Would it be better to swap out psyshock for focus blast, energy ball, shadow ball, or something like that? Also, is there a better form that I can use for this Deoxys, or is attack the best route to go?

No, use Speed Deoxys because even though A Deoxys is pretty fast, it has crap defenses. At least Speed Deoxys has enough speed to outspeed almost everything and decent offenses.
Deoxys Attack NEEDS a focus sash, or a choice scarf. Also keep Psyshock and try to find a move that does super effective damage to types that resist psychic typing.
@DA830-don't use deo speed for an attack set...the only thing that outspeeds deo-a is deo-s.
And ninjask, which would obliterate a Deoxys-A

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Simply put, yes.
Although, I would recommend the following changes:

Deoxys-A @ Life Orb
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 6 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
- Thunderbolt
- Psycho Boost
- Signal Beam
- Ice Beam

This set gives Deoxys coverage against the Dark, Flying, Water, Psychic, Fighting, Poison and Dragon types. Due to Deoxys potential to outrun most Pokemon (Only matched in speed by opposing Deoxys-A, N, S and Ninjask) and having such poor defensive stats - making it a hit-and-run Pokemon, the Life Orb is a very suitable item for Deoxys-A.
I personally think that the qualities mentioned above are what make this Deoxys better than the others, but nonetheless your Deoxys-A is quite badass.

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Note from Aeternis:

After editing the question to make appear more presentable and easier to read, I myself had a few suggestions to better the content of this answer:

Generally, for all that I'm aware of, Modest / Timid Deoxys' don't tend to be that effective due to Deoxys-A mixed potential being far superior to its one-side sets (all physical / all special). Sets as these are usually bestowed upon its less viable form, Deoxys-N. Though it may seem like an inferior Deoxys-A, the slight boost in its defensive stats do enable it to survive unboosted attacks such as Bullet Punches from Mega Scizors, Mega Lucario and Extreme Speed coming off an Adamant max attack Arceus not wielding an attack enhancing item, while being able to fire back extremely hard and nearly OHKOing- 2HKOing everything in the tier with its extremely powerful attacks. The set I would recommend for this would be the pretty standard Deo-N set of:

Deoxys @ Focus Sash / Mind Plate
EVs: 88 Def / 240 SpA / 180 Spe
Modest Nature
- Stealth Rock / Calm Mind
- Psycho Boost
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power Fire

You could also still use Deo-A with this set, but then you should either use the Life Orb or the Focus Sash, add the 88 EVs in Defense to its speed and always use Stealth Rock over Calm Mind.

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