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So I know how you can get ExtremeSpeed onto a Dragonite. But is it possible to get both ExtremeSpeed and Aqua Jet onto a Dragonite? If you can, how? This one has me stumped!

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You can't get both on the same Dnite. You can do /learn Dragonite, Extreme Speed, Aqua jet on showdown and it will say it can't learn those moves. Extreme speed is better so if you come down to choice of moveslot choose extreme speed. Dragonite can only get aqua jet as an egg with alomomola, buizel, carracosta, and dewgong and it can only get extreme speed in gen 5 by an event so they dont work out.


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But both are egg moves. And Dragonite can pass both down through breeding.
If you knew the answer then why did you ask... you can't do this. They aren't compatable with eachother. If you try to start a battle with those moves on PO or Showdown it will reject your team because those moves arent compatable. if you dont believe me then fine I tried but you'll see...
Wait. Now I see the hole in the theory. Since females cannot pass down egg moves, this is impossible.
I didn't know. I have tried, and failed, and I was wondering if I could or couldn't.
Sorry bought the trouble i put you through . umm. here is a +1