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im wondering what is the mystery zone a friend walked on water (hacking) to get to the place where darkrai is (by creselia island) and it appeard mystery zone and I'm wondering in which games it is and where and there is a way to get whithout hacking


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You can get to the Mystery Zone without hacking, and it is in Gen IV games.

The Mystery Zone (Japanese: なぞのばしょ Mystery PlaceDPPt, ----HGSS) is an area in the Generation IV games that serves as "filler space" between normally accessible outdoor and indoor areas. It exists all around Sinnoh, to facilitate the precise entry into the Underground, which has tunnels that travel under areas where no routes or cities exist.
The Mystery Zone is normally inaccessible, but can be entered by means of tweaking and the surf glitch.

More information about tweaking
More information on the Surf glitch

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thanks that really help me know what it was
You're welcome megaswifter
lol I just got darkrai without member card same with shaymin. It was scary, but gogogogo surf glitch <3
I has japenese version