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"It desperately tries to keep its black tail hidden. It is said to be proof the tail hides a secret."

From Diamond,
Black, and
White's Pokedex entry.

Does anybody know anything about this, or any story released from the Pokemon company or Gamefreak?
I'm just curious about this! This seems like another one of those mysteries like the missingno. one, or something!

P.S. This doesn't have to be from the game, but can be from anything Pokemon related.

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This definitely deserves votes up! you made me curious!
Could the tail be a serial killer?
Isnt there a theory that its "tail" is its actual body?
I think it's like Girafarig, probably its tail has a small brain and can fend off attackers from behind

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Wobbuffet does nothing but endure attacks - it won't attack on its own. However, it won't endure an attack on its tail. When that happens, the Pokémon will try to take the foe with it using Destiny Bond.

-from Bulbapedia

According to this Pokedex entry in Sapphire, the Wobbuffet tries to take the Pokemon with it using Destiny Bond. It's tail is obviously important, right? Yet we know little about it. The theory that I have come up with for the importance of it's tail is this: it is a key to another dimension. When another attacks or even touches it, it unlocks a separate world from ours. Using Destiny Bond, it drags the Pokemon assaulting its tail into its realm and traps it there for all eternity, hiding its secret along with its assailant before its world could be seen and discovered. Pretty freaky.

Interesting theory. l just wanted to bring up this thing about the Wobbuffet's tail to see if anybody knew anything about it before.
nice answer.but the last part was kinda creepy
Hahaha, you're right. lt is a bit creepy, but Pokemon has had creepy stuff before!
i wish they would do like a series kind of looking more deeply into the mystry (cant think of the spelling) of pokemon i think it might make an epic worth watching movie but thats just my opinion :)
Misigno is a cross evolution of kanghaskhan and a marowak
Captain Obvious says: Since Pokemon originated in Japan, the mystery of Wobbuffet's tail must be related to an ancient Japanese myth or mythical creature. Stuff similar to this is common in Pokemon.
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The truth behind its tail is that the black "tail" is actually its real body, it is small and hidden so it will not be as noticeable and targeted for attack so it can remain unharmed. The main blue/purple body is actually its tail, or "shield" if you will. And this is no theory, its true.

Actually, this is still a theory. There is no official confirmation of this as far as I know.
Where did you come of this theory?
I actually found someone discussing it on facebook. :3
i will admit it is an interesting theroy witch is quite possiple, however, he has a mouth that moves and he talks from. you mabey over thinking the case way to much ,mabey he can use counter cause all his nerves are in his tail? i have done much reserch by studying wobbufet it is almost impossiple to discover the truth
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Okay this is a bit weird, but here I go:

Wynaut. Weak, tail one eye
Wobbufett. Strong endurance.Protects tail with two eyes, seemed to develop
Unown one eye, holds a major Secret behind pokemon itself and holds Hidden Power
UNown - Not owned
Wynaut loses its cyclops tail, it is now UN owned
UN OWNED - Unown
Wobbufett owns a tail with a secret, Unown is the secret behind pokemon.
Literally behind Wobbufett, he keeps the unown safe as it grows into something more powerful.
And grants Wobbufett great power,
Woubafetts are competitive against each other, because they know, what secrets are held, and test the secret's strength. (Endurance)
Woubbafett uses destiny bond to conceal its secret after defeat, for it shall not allow it to use its fully developed hidden power.
Woubafett is the protector of Unowns and its un-tamable power, which it attempts to harness when using its attack moves (Counter, Mirror Coat, Safegaurd, Destiny Bond) all moves that require some sort of strange power to use, excluding counter, but then again wobbufetta does not seem able to counter on its own, with its small arms and legs)
The show , shows wobbufett coating himself, even when using Counter, to counter enemy attacks. Unown is a Psychic type, as well as Wobbufett, but his Stats dictate that he isn't very strong with special forces. Which explains the Psychic coating which comes from Unown.
The wynaut train themselves by squashing each other for endurance, in this act, the Unown behind it can be removed and develops its strange Psychic powers and its shape.
Unown live in an alternate dimention, so when Destiny Bond is used, the unown accesses its power and sends it to an alternate dimention upon losing a battle.
Of course in the game, this isnt shown, but how can wobbufett possibly bring its enemy along with it? It must be some sort of super power, which is why, when the tail is attacked, the destiny bond is used, because the tail unleashes its Dimentional powers, or its big secret.

other pokemon know destiny bond and counter -_________-
Wobbuffet and Unown are probably related, but not in the way you depict it. The Unown Report, when put in order, details some kind of "capturing" of another creature. It tells how the Unown chase down the creature, subdue it, and welcome it as one of their own. I think that Wobbuffet is a puppet to Unown. When a free Wobbuffet/Wynaut is discovered, the Unown take their bodies to protect themselves. This would explain Wobbuffet's Psychic-type. Wobbuffet have no direct damage-dealing moves, but Unown still send them off into the world without trying to protect the Wobbuffet when it is injured. If Unown cared about Wobbuffet, wouldn't it use Hidden Power to protect it? They just use Destiny Bond, showing that they don't care how hurt their host is.
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Nothing really, just another story, like Spinda's unique spots. Though if there was something behind it,, I'm not sure what its use would be.

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just to make things clear, i did not vote this down and have no intesions to do so, but are you sure of this?
Yes, I'm sure. And if I wasn't, what could it do anyway?
if you're not sure, you shoulf not answer a question. It also says in the rules that you sould not guess on questions.
no reason to get mad, i was just answering your question "what could it do anyway?" :3
It says you shouldn't guess, but the pokedex entries are simply there as something to add interest to the pokemon. There are tons of inconstant ones. Look at Garchomp's entries, then think about the fact that it can't learn fly.  They aren't there to be observed this much in depth. So in that sense, it's fine to say that it serves no major purpose.
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This is a theory based of the ability shadow tag and the fact that the tail looks almost like a shadow but I believe the tail is a another entity that infests the host and feeds off the hosts negativity and negative emotions the "parasite" also infests the host so that the offspring of it will also have a "tail" but since the entity has completely infested the body the host can no longer survive without them but the entity can survive without the host (although for a short amount of time before death by hunger) the host uses destiny bond not for the foe to share the same fate but for the entity to knocked out with them so that the entity can not flee and that wobbuffet can continue to live.

please excuse my grammar.