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Like forretress and wobufett

Genesect ! Meloetta ^_^
Forretress is a mystery with what's in it's shell nobody know about wobufetts tail pokemon with mysterious dex entries
shellder ! shedinja !

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Here are the ones I could get a mafia to hunt down

  • Shellder
  • Wobbuffet
  • Forretress
  • Hypno (That hypnotize thing)
  • Tangela (What's inside?)
  • Tangrowth (Same)
  • Unown (What came first, English or Unown?)
  • Piloswine (I guess so)
  • Sableye (It's eyes)
  • Mawille (Dat Jaw)
  • Dusclops (If you peer into that ball of fire...)
  • Arceus (No one knows how it came into being)
  • Mew (Same)
  • Cradily (Who knows what it looks like...?)
    I found these. If there are more, could you guys point them out?
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U forgot Xatu
Why? **
Duskinor ;)
How about Cradily? You dont know what it looks like really
What about Diglett and Dugtrio? Or Shedinja?
If you have Pokedex3D Pro, you can see Piloswine's eyes.....