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A normal Arceus with Extreme Speed, Swords Dance and __ and __.
Which moves would be good in the __ sections?

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Shadow Claw/Force (Credit to JCM for SF), Brick Break (Credit to JCM on BB), and Recover are 3 that come to mind. Brick Break takes Steels, Shadow Claw hits ghost types like Giratina which wall you, and Recover would be for recovery, but I suggest the first 2. As Ferrothorn and Giratina are both extremely common in Ubers, and if you run Recover, one of them walls you.

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I am completely with you Ben. Screwing ghost and steel types who try and wall you is much more satisfying than staying in long. Cause I hate ghost and steel types. Dems annoying
I actually don't agree with you. Brick Break > EQuake for Steels, mainly Ferro, and Shadow Claw!?! Why??? You're aiming to beat Giratina, but it normally doesn't even 2HKO while Giratina can WoW once, twice if you have Lum Berry, Shadow Force is your choice.
Ohlol I forgot that Ferro was neutral to ground.
Give full credit to me for everything.
u.u What about no.
How in Unova can Arceus learn Shadow Force?!
Because he's the Creator of Pokemon???
It was an event. And Shadow Force is superior for beating Giratina due to avoiding a Will-o-wisp, and hitting hard, just the opponent can always switch in a resistant pokemon such as Ferrothorn, Terrakion, or Arceus-Steel
But E-quake is still my move of choice due to hitting Forretress harder. And Arceus-Steel.