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I just figured out the (as stated above) most AWESOME triple battle strategy involving blissey! (This strategy is best suited for multiplayer)
The following Pokemon are needed in these battle positions:
Blissey (middle)
Shuckle (left)
A really fast Pokemon that can learn trick room, maybe Alakazam (right)

Firstly, get Alakazam to use trick room (this may seem absurd but trick room will make shuckle move first, which is the main idea for this strategy)
Secondly, Shuckle is sure to move first, so make it use power trick on blissey, their attacks and defenses will swap. You know what this means! A Blissey with base 255 hp and 230 def and 135 sp-def, combined with trick room to turn blissey into a SUPER TANK!!! AWWWW YEA!!! Along with being indestructible, have the blissey learn soft-boiled (for healing that uber hp) and heal bell (to counter that pesky toxic) to make this Pokemon one of the TOUGHEST and most ANNOYING Pokemon IN EXISTANCE!!!
The best part about this strategy is that it can all be done in ONE turn!
Of course, the downside is that your alakazam and shuckle are screwed (alakazam will go last and shuckle is defenseless) But that doesn't really matter, now does it?

Oh ya, I should mention the other stuff:
Nature: Sassy (+Sp Def/-Spd)
Item: Lum berry (for a one-off protection against poison or other status ailments)
Soft boiled
Heal bell
Minimize - to make it even tougher!
Toxic/(Insert special attack here) - Toxic probably isn't such a good idea since it will last in battle for a LONG time, but I may be wrong so give me your thoughts/I'm not sure what special attack blissey should use, maybe psychic to take out those fighting types, or maybe ice beam for type coverage, I'm not sure. Once again give me your thoughts.

Well whadda ya think of my uber strategy?

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wow, so much excitment for nothing.Sorry,
Please before you shout about awesome strategy make sure it could at least in theory work. And make sure you KNOW WHAT THE MOVES DO. sorry, but try to re-think this.
So bad.........It's just a disgusting strategy.
I bet he means guard split instead of power trick...
Its not that bad strategy...
Sorry about that, I meant guard split :P
You know, you could just click on "edit" and change your question.
you can do better than that bud dont get too excited

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My 5 comments of disapproval

1. Your Blissey would probably KO'ed rather quickly if power swap takes place, even with Sotfboil.
2. Most Fighting moves are Physical and will do massive damage to Blissey.
3. Blissey has the same stat for both attack and defense, rendering that strategy useless.
4. Link to Blissey.
5. AND Shuckle has very low attack when power switch happens on Shuckle it would be an easy kill. (from experience)

  Just saying.

statement of the captain obvious in me

just comment for your commentary

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Actually, Power Trick only has effect on the user, so it can't be used on Blissey.  You're right; even if it could, Blissey's attack and defense are the same.
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Nope, not going to work, I'm afraid.

Power Trick doesn't swap stats between Pokemon; it swaps the user's Attack and Defense, meaning it can only be on your Shuckle.


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He means guard split probably
guard swap maybe
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This strategy would work, except there are two problems.

1: Shuckle can only use Power Trick on itself. Even if it could use Power Trick on Blissey, Blissey's Attack and Defense are the same anyways, so it wouldn't work. Fortunately, Shuckle also learns the move Guard Split, which would accomplish the task you wanted it to.

2 (now here's the big one): Trick Room always goes last. So unfortunately, your Alakazam would probably be KO'ed before it got the chance to use it.

If you want to use this strategy, here's an idea: First, switch out Alakazam with Bronzong, as it is much more bulky and sets up Trick Room pretty reliably. Then when you battle, just use Protect with Shuckle and Blissey on the first turn so you can set up the Trick Room. Then on the second turn, have Shuckle use Guard Split on Blissey.

Hope I helped!

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