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ex. (pokemon) has ## attack, but for all stats

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Ugh why do you people always ask these, it's so useless.
I was just wondering!
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HP: Shedinja (1)
Attack: Happiny and Chansey (5)
Defense: Happiny and Chansey (5)
Special Attack: Feebas, Bonsly and Shuckle (10)
Special Defense: Magikarp, Weedle, Caterpie, Igglybuff, Carvanha and Deoxys-A (20)
Speed: Munchlax and Shuckle (5)

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Put 'overall' in. xD
Nobody cares ;__;
I just said thanks!
I wasn't talking to you =-= Learn how to read, please.
ok, but you are talking to Fizz right?
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JCM... you don't care about the almighty Sunkern... :/
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be sides shedinja the lowest hp is diglet at 10
Don't forget Base Stat Total (BST), being Wishiwashi-25%, at a measly 175, giving Sunkern's 180 an edge.