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Ok this is one of smogon's weird things. They put Celebi in OU while Mew remains in UU. Now I have questions to ask...

They both have the same typing, except celebi is an extra grass. They also have the same BST

Has unnecessary grass typing which just gives it STAB, no support to its psychic typing, in fact it has a ****load of weaknesses. Though it has a nice resistance to water and ground...

Though it's typing is poor, it's not as bad as celebi's. Most notable fact is the movepool of this thing learning a WHOLE lot of moves. It can learn both amnesia, iron defense, though wallebi gets recover.

So Mew is as good as if not better than celebi. Now I wanna know why it was placed in UU

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Mew can learn roost, which is effectively the same as recover.

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It's really really really simple: The players prefer Celebi > Mew in OU. Mew has gone UU due to his very low usage in OU. When you get less than 3.41% usage in the tier where you're at, you drop the below tier. It's possibly due to Celebi's extra Grass-typing, which gives her some really nice resistances, such as resistances to both of Rotom-W's STABs. Celebi can go Specially Defensive or Offensive, both which are extremely viable sets. Sure, Mew is much less predictable but.....She only gets ONE STAB, which can be resisted quite easily. Celebi has a plethora of supporting moves / Grass-type STAB that's going for it.

All in all, stop saying that Smogon is weird. It's the people who don't use Mew enough.

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It's just how smogon wanted it. Ask them not us. We couldn't possibly know. This is my theory:

It has more weaknesses and it can lure those weaknesses in and switch into a Pokemon like heatran who covers all his weaknesses. Then the opponent will most likely switch.

Celebi has the same moves that are actually good enough to use in the metagame. It has all the moves it needs.

Their sets are equally predictable; they are either running a set-up and sweep set (swords dance/nasty plot + recover/roost) or they could be running a stall set with will o wisp and taunt or thunder wave and stealth rock. Moves of that sorts.

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Well, but this doesnt really explain why mew is in lower tier