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Is it possible to achieve more strength with maximum link??

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I have noticed my Pokemon with max possible link aren't getting any stronger. If thats the case, it also helps my case because half of nobunga's team can't get stronger an they can crush my team :P

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Once you reach the max length you can no longer get anymore strength. So if you have a Quacksire with 40% link with that warrior and it has 127 strength at the time of reaching 40% link, it shall forever be at 127 strength. Thats why you need to get Pokemon with high link value, so they can have more strength.

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Kay can they get their stats increase? Cuz me grovyle has 116 speed and it evolves at 118 @.@
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NO It is Definently not possible to get over max link without hax.

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Hes not asking about link