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if I use pokeedit can a bad egg appear instead of a Pokemon?


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No, Bad Eggs will only not result from Poke Edit hacks.


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then how i was using pokeedit to get a shedinja and a egg that say "this egg will take a lot of time to hatch" and said shedinja?
Please explain further
i got to a page called www.pokegts.us and i created a shedinja with shadow force nightmare and shadow claw and then instead of a shedinja it arrived a egg that the description was
the egg watch
------------------(were blue lines)
"this egg will take alot of time to hatch"  
i got rid off it sending it to black and erasing data (the game wasnt alot i was starting)
the "egg" didnt corrupted any data
It was probably a glitch, because as fr as i can tell, Bad Eggs are not able to appear by Poke Edit.
it was in black 2 and wasnt an emulator it was the real game by dsi XL and i was terrorified so i beated the 1 leader in black 1 and the team plasma and get the C-gear and deleted data and deleted the "egg" shedinja
Could that have been because you didn't have the National Dex? Idk
i beaten the game and have the national dex it was like the 15 pokemon i obtained i also obtained a blaziken with water absorb (thats how to troll) shadow force blaze kick draco meteor and spacial rend
Pokedex has never been an issue when used it. shedinja's a wierd 'mon though. you can't catch one, maybe you had something like "egg hatched" on the description of were you found it, which is of course impossible and the game got confused. i get the blue line thing when i put awkward stuff in those boxes, but an egg is a new one. Try again with a different input if you want.
or your game is haunted by the ghost of egg shedinja. if that's the case write a creepypasta immediately.
LOL at the creepypasta part
LOL even thought i dont read or watch creepypastas that will be a great creepypasta "the haunted shedinja egg"