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Ok so I looked up when my Zwelous evolves and it evolves at level 64 and this is the one thing I hate about Hydreigon: Irises Hydreigon is at level 54/56 (can't remember) Why?!
Thanks guys!

Ghetsis's Hydriegon as the same way
I was gonna put that in the question too lol. But i'm playing white 2 at the moment.

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This is only the first time you battle Iris in Black/White 2, They made it so Her Hydreigon wouldn't be To strong for you at level 64, and they didn't want you to battle a weak Zwelious, also, tell me would you like to battle a weak Pokemon where you could blast right through with no fun, or would you want to vs a Pretty good Pokemon that adds fun to the game?!

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Thanks for the answer. Oh and I like challenges but it makes me want to snap my 3ds in half. Lol.
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That happens a lot in-game. You can do that in the wild, too.

Ex. there was a place you could catch Bibarels at level 18. Don't remember, but...

Lol :D
yeah there is even a wild lv 25 braviary/mandibuzz in white/black 2 while they normally evolve in their 50s i think
It's 54, And their also Dream World