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Rain strategy?

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This is a stratigy for three pokemon:

start the batte with kyogre then have him defeat the first one. Then follow with jirachi whos fire weakness is weakend and use thunder. and if I need to switch to floatzel whos ability will make it outrun any pokemon and boost it stab moves

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Then you could added toxicroak holding black sludge who has the ability dry skin. Also you should put him in double battles with kyogre because water type attacks also heal him. So if you used surf constantly you would do damage and heal Toxicroak!!

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I like the classic rain dance strategy, but I'll give a few things as a caveat:

1.Thunder has 100% accuracy... both ways. Floatzal might be fast, but everyone will anticipate spamming thunder, what if the foe had an electivire, and switched in on it to activate motor drive? Don't forget that most of your pokemon will have a weakness to electric moves, and thunder with high accuracy can destroy your team if you aren't prepared.

2.Other weather teams-Pretty obvious, but you should be prepared for this.

3.Trick room, many water types like floatzal would be completely screwed in this situation.

Just throwing a few things out there, but weather is a standard set. :)

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This strategy would be improved with a Parasect. It's fire weakness is suppressed with the rain, it has dry skin, and thunder will always hit, and usually knock out the flying types that would destroy Parasect. And since your team has a lot of water types, they could cover Parasect's rock weakness easily, and Parasect could cover your teams grass weakness with his bug typing. I would go with a water/ground type like Whiscash or Swampert instead of Floatzel though, so your immune to any strong electric-type who could possibly destroy your team

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This strategy was made to make use of my floatzels swift swim.