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Now, here's my Rain Volcarona set:

Volcarona @ Focus Sash
Ability: ???
Modest Nature
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
-Quiver Dance
-Bug Buzz
-Hidden Power Water

Now, if I'm down to my Sash, Bug Buzz gets a power boost. However, if something like Mega Metagross revenge kills me with Bullet Punch, there's a chance to burn it, hugely crippling it. I've run Flame Body and it's been quite helpful, but I haven't even tried Swarm. Can anyone help? I can post the rest of my team in a comment if necessary.

Chance> Power is how I see it... Swarm
Wait, so if Chance is better than Power, then why would I run Swarm? lol
No, what I mean is it's better to run Swarm as if you put in enough bulk you could actually ( >.> probably certainly)  survive certain  hits.  Flame Body is a chance as it has 30 % of burning and it relies on Contact Hits.. Stone Edge avoids this and it's double effective..
OK, thanks! Put it as an answer and I'll BA it.

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I'd recommend Swarm!

Being that it is holding a Sash it will definitely get a chance to harness the power of Bug Buzz. Running Flame Body with a sash isn't as safe, since the chance of an actual burn is only 30%. Another thing is it relies on contact moves; Rock Slide and Stone Edge avoid this stipulation, two moves that will murder Volcarona and keep its user safe. It's better to at least deal some damage in certain situations than to just hope for a burn.

Hopefully I've Helped!

Just want to mention that Swarm may be more useful on this particular Focus Sash set, but Flame Body is probably better on almost any other set.
Yeah, but I don't think either of Volcarona's abilities are viable really, considering contact for Flame Body and nearly surviving for Swarm. But hey, people make it work.
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Swarm helps you to increase the power of bug type moves. You have Bug buzz acts as a bug type move with Volcarona. It just helps you to increase the attack stat in a pinch if your Pokemon is in trouble. So flame body is better than swarm because it has an outside ability too and it also burns the foe when it comes to contact.

  1. Regarding your moveset, it has no fire type move. You can use Flamethrower, Fire Blast etc.
  2. Its easy to defeat Metagross with Volcarona because metagross has weakness with fire.

According to me, abilities are not important. Use your stats and moves to defeat Metagross.

All the best for you.

I'm not running a Fire move because this is a Rain Volcarona, as is stated in the question...